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TREC Standards of Practice


The TREC Standards of Practice (Sections 525.227-535.231 of the rule) are the minimum standards for inspections by TREC licensed inspectors.  An inspection address only those components and conditions that are present, visible and accessible at the time of the inspection.  While there may be other parts, component or systems present, only those items specifically noted as being inspected were inspected.  The inspector is not required to move furnishings or stored items.  The inspection report may address issues that are code-based or may refer to a particular code; however, this is NOT a code compliance inspection and does NOT verify compliance with manufacturer's installation instructions.  The inspection does NOT imply insurability or warrantability of the structure or its components.  Although some safety issues may be addressed in this report, this inspection is NOT a safety/code inspection, and the inspector is NOT required to identify all potential hazards.

TREC Consumer Protection Notice

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